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We are your ever evolving, local air ambulance charity

Launched in 2023, the Innovation Club is the home of supporters who want to make a long-term commitment to their local Air Ambulance. A lively community of engaged donors, passionate about innovations that could help more patients.  

Since 1989 we have been at the forefront of pre-hospital care. We were the first Air Ambulance to fly 24/7 using night vision goggles; the first to use the AW169 helicopter which has a bespoke medical interior, higher speed, and enhanced fuel performance; and the first to live stream patient data to receiving hospitals while in the air. Reaching more people, at any hour, faster and ensuring they get the best possible care.  

We have bold plans to reach more patients and save more lives. Together, our Innovation Club members will help make these plans a reality, both with their donations and by being an advocate for KSS.  

At KSS we consistently innovate to ensure our patients get the best possible care and have the best chance of survival. We lead the way in the Air Ambulance sector.
Crew member wearing night vision goggles looking out of the aircraft at night
We have pioneered 24/7 flying using night vision goggles – we are still one of the few who fly at night

By pledging to donate £5,000 per year, for at least three years, Innovation Club members will work together to fund our next big innovations. They will help launch our first drones delivering defibrillator, foster and grow our patient and family aftercare plans and enable our crew to reach more patients by air through performance-based navigation.  

Together, Innovation Club members will make a global impact. At KSS we share all our research with other Air Ambulance Charities here in the UK and with services all over the world, so it can help patients everywhere.  

We very much hope you will join us. To find out more about how you can join the club, get in touch with our Head of Philanthropy Dan via danknight@aakss.org.uk 


Join the Innovation Club today:
  • Become part of a network of like-minded people open to collaboration and connection
  • Be the first to know about KSS’s next big innovation
  • Join special events which put you at the heart of what we do
  • Get access to our team of experts so you can hear their experiences
  • Receive a “behind the scenes” tour of our Redhill base where you can see our world-leading operation in action
  • Meet patients and their families so you can hear, first hand, their stories and how your support makes a difference
  • Receive exclusive quarterly insights into our service, tailored to you, where you will be the first to hear of new developments
  • Support from a dedicated Relationship Manager
  • An Innovation Club pin badge you can wear with pride

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