Our Five-Year Strategy (2022-2027)

Working Together to Save More Lives

We are taking bold, collaborative action to reach more patients, improve more outcomes and save more lives.

What the future looks like

The world is changing, and so are we. We believe in a better future:

  • Where families stay together
  • Where communities are not devastated by critical incidents
  • Where we all work together to provide the best possible pre-hospital emergency healthcare, whenever and wherever required

Our Goals

1. We deliver outstanding treatment and care

Our patients are in urgent need of pre-hospital emergency medical care and our specialist expertise.

We want to reach more patients and save more lives by:

Developing our aviation capability to increase the number of hours we can fly for
Have a single type fleet which brings lots of benefits for us and our patients
Continuing to deliver outstanding pre-hospital emergency medicine by developing our clinical leadership and clinical governance structure to further develop the consistently high clinical care we deliver.
Implementing the outputs of our research and innovation activity. This includes:
Delivering advanced medical interventions in the helicopter, saving time on scene and improving the care we can give patients during flight
Investigating the use of drones to get defibrillators to those in need more quickly
Launch initiatives to prevent and respond to medical emergency in our communities
Develop a Patient and Family Aftercare Service which supports our patients and families in their rehabilitation and recovery

2. We make a difference

We know that our work makes a critical difference to the lives of our patient, their families and our communities.

We will collaborate to deliver high-quality patient-centred research and innovative practice, so that we can continue to improve the quality, accessibility and availability of our service.

The research projects we will undertake will help to determine:

Could live footage from a 999 callers’ mobile improve outcomes for our patients?
Could transfusing bleeding trauma patients with whole blood help to save more lives?
Could the use of microwave brain scanners improve the treatment and triage for our patients who’ve experienced a brain injury?

3. We generate and inspire support

Generating and inspiring support is the lifeblood of KSS. We’ll do everything we can to be there for our patients and to appreciate and thank all of the incredible people who make our care possible through their generous donations and support.

We’ll widen our reach and strengthen our profile as a sector leading Air Ambulance charity to engage new supporters and grow diverse and resilient income streams.

We have a special link to our communities– we are dedicated to being there for our patients where and when required, and their support is as critical as our care.

4. We aspire for excellence in all we do

We work together as one committed team, Team KSS, so we can be at our best for our patients, communities, supporters and volunteers.

We’ll continue to truly value our people, create exciting opportunities for development and continue to improve our processes which support the efficient delivery of our service and the effectiveness of our organisation.

Together we will achieve great things as we strive towards our vision of an end to preventable loss of life from medical emergency and be true to our purpose every day of saving more lives and ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients and communities.

Saving lives when every second counts

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