Restart a Heart Day

Everybody has the potential to save a life. They just need to know how.

Help us create thousands more lifesavers 

Thank you so much for helping us create thousands more lifesavers!

On Monday 16 October, around 17,000 children and adults joined us to learn more about lifesaving CPR to mark national Restart a Heart Day.
We’re proud to say we’ve created an army of new potential lifesavers across our local community by providing free live-streamed interactive awareness sessions on what to do in an emergency and how to provide CPR to someone in cardiac arrest.

Anyone who would like to view one of the sessions and learn about CPR can do so by watching our on-demand recordings, links below.

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Across the South East, 22 people a day on average suffer out of hospital cardiac arrest. Sadly, the overall survival rate last year was around 11%. But bystander CPR can make all the difference. 📹 Tune in to our 30 minute live videos featuring our dedicated crew, as they explain the importance of CPR, demonstrate life-saving techniques, and share valuable insights. 💔 Gain a deeper understanding of cardiac arrest, its occurrence rates, and common locations. Discover why early CPR and defibrillation are crucial for saving lives. 🚑 Witness a crew demonstration on CPR, showcasing the skills and knowledge that make a real difference in emergencies. 🎒 Special content awaits schools, tailored to different age groups. Young Ambassadors and our crew will guide students on calling 999, seeking help from neighbours, knowing their address, and provide a captivating CPR demonstration. Help us create a team of little lifesavers ✏️ Fill out the form below to register your interest and receive more information about this exciting event. We will send you the live stream link and information pack. Children just need to bring in their favourite cuddly toy into school on the day to practice their new lifesaving skills! Adults, you can use a pillow!

Every school that signs-up will be in with a chance of winning a visit to our airbase to see our helicopter and meet our life-saving crew! T&Cs apply 

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These are recorded versions of our livestreams so please be aware the Q&A is not interactive.

These are recorded versions of our livestreams so please be aware the Q&A is not interactive.

These are recorded versions of our livestreams so please be aware the Q&A is not interactive.

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