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Without you we can't keep flying save lives

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Welcome to Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS), where we save lives when every second counts.

We’re a team of skilled, sector-leading experts responding to over 3,300 incidents annually across Kent, Surrey, and Sussex. And we can reach any location within 30 minutes.

Our helicopters are flying emergency rooms. Whether it’s on the road, beach, or park. And we get there, fast. We bring specialised doctors, paramedics and treatment to those who need it most.

From open heart surgery to emergency anaesthesia. We don’t stop. 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Your support fuels our lifesaving efforts. Without you, we can’t keep flying. Without you, we can’t save lives.

We save lives

At KSS our patients are at the heart of everything we do. 24/7, 365 days a year. Wherever you are, we'll be there: road, beach, park.

We fundraise

Your support fuels our lifesaving missions, so we can be there for those who need us most. Together, we save lives across Kent Surrey and Sussex.

We innovate

World-leading research, cutting-edge tech, peak performance. In emergencies, precision is key. Join us in shaping the future of lifesaving care.

At Team KSS, we're all lifesavers

Here at Team KSS, we’re all lifesavers. Dispatchers, Doctors, Paramedics, Pilots, Non-clinical Teams, Trustees, and Volunteers – we’re united in our purpose to save lives and ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

  • Dispatchers identify which patients need our care the most. They assess over 4,000 calls per shift and ensure our team have all the information they need before arriving on scene.
  • Doctors and Paramedics perform lifesaving procedures anywhere – on the road, beach, or park. When every second counts, our expert crews bring immediate lifesaving treatment to the scene. Fast. 
  • Pilots navigate with precision, getting us where we need to be as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Our non-clinical teams work tirelessly behind the scenes, supporting our daily operations, fundraising and engagement activities.
  • The leadership and expertise of our Trustees, together with their supportive approach and strategic oversight, enables us to consistently deliver our world-leading service.
  • Our team of over 150 volunteers from Kent, Surrey and Sussex, work alongside us to raise awareness and funds for our lifesaving service.

Every member of Team KSS contributes to our lifesaving purpose. And that includes people like you. Without you, none of our work would be possible.

Without you we can't keep flying save lives

More about KSS

Our past

Over the past 35 we have attended over 43,000 incidents, saving lives and improving patient outcomes from the skies above Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Our present

From incredible supporters and fantastic fundraising, to research updates and corporate partnerships. Stay updated and explore the impact of your support first hand.

Our future

The world is changing, and so are we. We believe in a better future where families stay together and communities are not devastated by critical incidents.

We'd love to keep in touch!

If you'd like to learn more about KSS and find out about our latest missions, meet our patients and hear from our fabulous fundraisers, then you can sign up to receive Mission Update, our regular supporter newsletter!

Saving lives when every second counts

So many of you still want to support our appeal or get your name on our helicopter.
For family. For friends. For life.

Give to our Buy it for Life appeal

*If we exceed our target for this appeal or there is an unexpected change in circumstances, donations will be allocated to our Helicopter and Vehicle fund

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