With the weekend approaching, our thoughts turn to the thousands of NHS staff and key workers working tirelessly and selflessly to provide essential care to those patients and vulnerable people who need it most.

I fully recognise the challenges we all face in self-isolating, particularly those who are vulnerable, but I am also thankful for the safety and warmth that our homes can provide. The cancellation of life-as-we-know-it brings other opportunities to spend precious time with our families and find joy in simple things. For this, we should be incredibly grateful.

During challenging times, working together as a community is more important than ever. Despite the physical distancing, our communities are displaying togetherness by connecting digitally with those isolated and vulnerable. I take comfort in witnessing the outpouring of community support to those who need it most

By sacrificing our liberties of freedom of movement and socialising, we are helping to protect ourselves, our NHS, and each other. Our NHS is demonstrating on a daily basis how it is there for all of us when we need it most. It is our duty to show our thanks, consideration and care to those staff who are sacrificing so much for our benefit.

Please stay at home to help protect our NHS staff, so they can continue to act heroically in protecting all of us and saving lives.


Take care of yourselves and each other, be well and stay safe.


David Welch, CEO of KSS
Our Chief Executive David Welch

Saving lives when every second counts

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