Isaac was just two-years-old when we helped to save his life. Isaac was knocked unconscious and suffered a depressed skull fracture in a road traffic collision in 2018. We intubated him at the side of the road and took him to King’s College Hospital by air where Isaac spent 24 hours in intensive care, until he’d had surgery on his skull. Isaac was in hospital for a total of 12 days before he came home to his family.

Since then Isaac has become an important part of our KSS family. He has helped to raise national awareness of the air ambulance sector through Air Ambulance Week in 2020. Isaac and his mum Olivia have shared his story which has featured in our monthly Mission Update email to supporters, our Brew with the Crew Facebook Live sessions, our weekly internal newsletter and more. Olivia has also inspired new Team KSS staff members by sharing Isaac’s story via Zoom to help explain the true impact of our work on families across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

“Thankfully Isaac doesn’t remember the crash anymore but he knows how much KSS helped him and understands what the charity does for people. We always wave and say thank you when we see the helicopters flying past.

Isaac was so excited and honoured to be asked to be a Young Ambassador for KSS. As a family we owe so much to this charity and want to do all that we can to support them and raise awareness.” – Olivia, Isaac’s mum

Saving lives when every second counts

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