We need more volunteers!

Following the busiest year in our 33-year history, we urgently need to recruit more volunteers in order to help with the fundraising events and activities we have planned for the coming year.

We currently have over 150 volunteers, who provide support through a wide range of activities including managing collection boxes, marshalling at events, speaking at community events, office tasks and more. Our volunteers offer a few hours on an occasional basis or regular hours each month.

Bridget Pepper from our Volunteer Development Team says, “Our volunteers are highly valued members of Team KSS, and we are incredibly grateful to those who currently donate their time to support us. Over the last year, KSS has benefited from over 4,000 hours of support from volunteers, and they were involved with raising or collecting over £250,000 on our behalf.”

“This year, with demand for our service at an all-time high and the need to raise even more funds due to the increased costs of operating our service, we are ramping up our fundraising activity and planning to run more events than ever before. To do this, we need to recruit more volunteers and we have a wide range of opportunities available to suit people of all ages and abilities.

Nathan Dunbar from Polegate, East Sussex, joined us as a volunteer at the end of his school years. He says, “I’m proud to be part of a team that represents a cause that has benefited so many families across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

“I’ve attended events alongside the crew, and they have always made me feel part of Team KSS. It’s a fantastic feeling when you know your time and support is greatly appreciated. Whenever I see the crew flying over, it is great to see them in action although I always remember it is because someone is in urgent need of their help.”

Sue Pearson from Littlehampton, West Sussex, has done everything from selling raffle tickets to assisting with event parking. Sue says, “It’s good to be part of something useful that provides such a valuable service. Everyone at KSS really values the volunteers and we are kept in the loop with newsletters and have chances to come and see the base at Redhill and meet the crew.”

Volunteer Simon Clark from Marden, Kent, was looking for something useful to keep him busy during a career break. Simon says, “I have enjoyed meeting new people, working alongside other volunteers and KSS staff where we all have the same goal, saving lives. Not forgetting that when I get the opportunity to be up close to one of our helicopters, a smile appears on my face!”

Nigel Baxter from Guildford, Surrey, was keen to be involved in something related to aviation when he retired as a teacher. Nigel says, “I’ve made some good friends amongst the volunteers and always enjoy visits to the bases, listening to the talks and generally finding out more about how the service works. Like many people I became a volunteer to give something back, but I get so much back in return.”

If you are interested in finding out more about being a KSS volunteer, please contact volunteering@aakss.org.uk or visit our volunteering page.

Volunteer Nigel Baxter
Volunteer Nathan Dunbar
Volunteer Sue Pearson
Volunteer Simon Clark

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