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If Christmas is about anything, it’s family.

The presents, cards and celebrations are exciting. But what’s important is being together and counting our blessings for having each other. It’s a feeling we know well at Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS). Because thanks to you, we fight to save lives all year round to help keep thousands of families together.

Giving families like Carole’s the chance of more Christmases together

Carole’s life was in real danger when she collapsed at home with a bleed on her brain. After arriving by KSS air ambulance, Dr Matthew Vale and I were very concerned about her breathing and that she was unconscious. We placed Carole into a medically induced coma in order to support her breathing and manage her blood pressure, to reduce the stress on her brain. We also gave Carole strong pain relieving drugs to keep her comfortable. 

Usually this would only be possible within a hospital, but by being able to intervene at the scene, Dr Vale and I hoped to be able to improve the chances of a better outcome for Carole. We then quickly flew her to the nearest specialist neurological centre at King’s College Hospital in London, where a team operated right away. Knowing she survived to meet her granddaughter and spend Christmas with her family reminds us why we do this. Every life we save is a gift loved ones will never forget

Be the reason Donate now and help Together, we can help Even £10 can help more families stay together this Christmas

Please, will you show your care for families across Kent, Surrey and Sussex, by giving a donation to your local air ambulance charity today? Every pound is vital to help us raise the £45K it costs each day to keep our helicopters in the air, our response cars on the road, and the skills of our team at the cutting edge of medical care. With only limited support from the NHS, 87% of our funding comes directly from your kindness and generosity.
Tom Mikrut

We respond to 9 calls a day

Please, never forget why helping KSS to save lives is so important.
On average, we respond to nine emergency calls every day. And Christmas is no exception. At the end of every call, someone’s life could be hanging in the balance. And behind every life could be a partner, parent, child or loved one, desperate to keep their family together.

Saving lives when every second counts

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