The Selfless Act of Giving

Last week marked Volunteers’ Week, where charities rightly expressed their humble gratitude for the incredibly significant impact that volunteers have on the sector and in supporting charities to achieve their purpose.

Another group of individuals who very much deserve our gratitude and respect are our supporters. The UK has a rich history of individuals coming together to support charitable organisations, to express their kindness and support towards the most vulnerable in our society and to fund key services which do not receive statutory support. I very much believe in the power of the charity sector, and the unwavering commitment and generosity of those individuals who enable and support it. Giving for the benefit of others is one of the greatest gifts we can offer, and has been instrumental in shaping and improving the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Supporting a charity can come in many forms, from donating much-needed funds, to giving of time and expertise, to inspiring others to commit to the cause. The act of giving offers various benefits, including increased positive wellbeing and self-worth at the thought of contributing crucial funds to a worthy cause, to infusing everyday life with more meaning and a greater sense of purpose.

The dedication, tireless commitment, and passion of those working in the charity sector would be wasted without the generosity of our supporters. Supporters who deserve transparency and accountability, to feel safe that their very much valued donations are used carefully and directed towards achieving maximum impact. The charity sector has to continue to work incredibly hard to inspire and encourage the support of our communities, and to be deserving of such support by operating as professional, well-led organisations that demonstrate the impact of their activity. Our beneficiaries rely on our dedication and ability to generate and inspire support, as much as the generosity and kindness of individuals to offer that support. We need to provide our supporters with a tangible benefit of supporting our cause by making clear the impact and difference we make so that people can believe and trust in us. This is the very least we can do.

For those of us who have the power to change the life of others for the better, we should consider this as a privilege, responsibility and an opportunity. I truly believe that giving is receiving, and I am so incredibly thankful to those individuals who show their passion for a cause through the act of giving.

At KSS, we continue to be inspired and humbled by the generosity, compassion and kindness of our supporters. I would like to offer my personal thanks to each and every supporter who has so very generously given of their money, time, and energy. We could not save lives and enable the best possible patient outcomes without this incredible and critical level of support.

As a charity, we continue to encounter the huge financial challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic but have been absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of our supporters in response to our Coronavirus Emergency Appeal so far. However we are only part way up the mountain and the steepest climb lies ahead.

Please continue to be kind and generous so we can continue to save lives and ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients and their families.

I thank you all sincerely on behalf of every patient we treat and care for.


David Welch, CEO of KSS
Our Chief Executive David Welch

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