The Importance of Charity in a Crisis

The powerful impact of charity on our communities has been evident for centuries, where people have come together to do good and support the most vulnerable as well as enabling progress and innovation in healthcare. Charities are essential to the infrastructure of our communities; to provide an outlet for people to demonstrate care and compassion to others and to provide a real public benefit to the most vulnerable individuals living among us. Charities have the freedom to be flexible, responsive and innovative; reacting quickly to problems and behaving with a fluidity that is an enabler to overcoming crisis.

This crucial role in the welfare of our communities is evident in normal times and is of utmost importance in times of crisis or hardship. This is when charities need to demonstrate their resolve, creativity, resilience, focused commitment, strong leadership and incredible capability for making a difference. And this is when community members come together to relieve unsurmountable challenge.

Charities have already provided an incredible response to the current challenge we face from the Coronavirus pandemic, demonstrating like never before that we will do whatever necessary to support those who rely on us or need our help. People have already shown their willingness to give of their time and money to support those in need, or those particularly vulnerable due to the extraordinary circumstances created by the Coronavirus pandemic. People are seeking togetherness and unity around a common goal, and this is something that charity can provide.

We are currently living through unprecedented times, where the scale of demand can appear overwhelming with many charities struggling to cope both from a resource and financial point of view. This is why we need to think differently and come together to work collaboratively to provide a coordinated response to this crisis alongside our colleagues in the healthcare and charity sector. We need to effectively engage and deepen our partnerships, as philanthropic acts existing in a vacuum will have limited impact in this time of diminishing resources.

Charities will also play an absolutely vital role in rebuilding societies and communities after the immediate aftermath of this crisis has passed. The long term impact of the Coronavirus will be substantial, particularly for those individuals experiencing inequality or disadvantage, and will require a response from the charity sector perhaps on a different scale than ever before. Charities will need to provide a voice to those communities desperate for support, and provide long term solutions. Although an immediate philanthropic response is required, we also need to think strategically and collaboratively to achieve the best possible outcomes and we need support from our government like never before.

I have an unwavering belief in the power of charity and community and take comfort in the demonstration that as a nation, we desire to invest in solidarity and helping others. This approach provides us with our best chance of mitigating the impact of this crisis and building a better future for us all.

Stay safe, well and connected.

Best Wishes
David Welch – Chief Executive

Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex

David Welch, CEO of KSS
Our Chief Executive David Welch

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