Patient Testimonials

Thank you so much for yesterday. We loved meeting you all, and seeing the team who helped Saroj. We both were really impacted and pleased to meet them all. So amazing that three of them were on shift together. Please thank them for their time and for talking to us. If you wish to use our story and photo, we are really happy for you to do so. Thanks, Sarah and Saroj
Sarah and Saroj
Saroj was treated by KSS
The afternoon was emotional but was nice to all get together, an afternoon mum would have loved. We all really appreciated your weekend time and care last week. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your bank holiday
Family of former patient
Hi Sarita So lovely to finally meet you today - and thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to meet you and the team! It’s certainly a day I will treasure. It was great for me to be able to talk to Jon and share my photos with him - I’ve attached a few so he can have a better look. It’s certainly helped me click another piece of the jigsaw in place now, knowing the way I was looked after on the 9th of April last year!

I will always be an ambassador for your service and will equally always be here to help as and when I can! So wanted to hug today - maybe sometime in the future!!
Former patient
We have visited KSS in Redhill since the accident. It was amazing to see the doctor who looked after me and to tell him how grateful I am for the specialist care that I received at the scene of the accident. He was able to inform me about some key details that I hadn’t remembered – I found that really helpful
Former patient
Thank you so much for having us and arranging it all it was so nice for us to meet everyone it really helped Lee and I piece the events of the afternoon together. It was so good to see how it all fits together when a call comes through and help Jack to understand more about how and who helped him
Mum to former patient
The visit really helped us- as discussed Sam has virtually no memory of the night itself and talking to Al , even for a short while on Sunday, helped him understand exactly what decisions they made and why. So huge thank you to Al for taking the time to explain everything. For me- it’s always quite hard to think and speak about and seeing Al again, did bring back some of those emotions but also such strong feelings of gratitude and thankfulness for their work and what an amazing team you are! The appreciation I have for everyone that helped that night, will stay with me forever.
Partner of former patient
This is wonderful news for her and for us as first-time grandparents and is a poignant reminder that when the KSS heroes save one life, they also make it possible for a new generation to follow. We cannot think of a more rewarding way to remind Al, Jonathan and colleagues that their kindness two years ago has led to such a happy consequence.
Father of former patient
It was amazing. I can’t find the words or description to describe how it felt, it was definitely something worth doing. I can’t thank Stu, yourself, Caroline and Kevin enough, I hope at some point through chance or networking I’ll bump into Malcolm though! Stu categorically helped, no other way to say it really. He’s a genuine bloke, his demean-our, attitude and the way he described what went on for me from a medical point of view was fantastic. I would’ve given him a hug, but we’ve both got street cred’ to look out for ob-viously! I can’t thank you enough Sarita, genuinely thank you for organising it and being so lovely towards myself and Sophie.
Former patient
It was an amazing experience. It hasn't been an easy journey but coming to visit you guys and have our questions answered has provided so much clarity. It has given the whole thing an acknowledgement that it happened n was a real event.
Former patient

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