Outstanding support for our fitness fundraisers

We are incredibly grateful to all participants who took part in our fitness fundraising activities, Run 31 and Squat 3100 throughout the 31 days in March. In total, 829 people ran 31 miles over 31 days in March and 674 people completed an average of 100 squats a day throughout the month.

These fitness fundraisers build on the success of our inaugural Run 31 fitness fundraising campaign in January 2021 – all three of which have raised over £183,500 collectively.

Jo Gaisford from Kent went above and beyond by taking on both Run 31 and Squat 3100 in March. She said: “It has been an absolute pleasure to be taking part in these challenges throughout March to support KSS. Not only is it helping my fitness (and getting me through lockdown no.3!), I am also proud to be raising funds for a truly inspirational cause, alongside a really lovely bunch of people. I also took part in Run 31 in January and as a novice runner, it was a great achievement, resulting in me feeling excited to join the next one! Raising money AND achieving fitness goals = win win!

James Drake from Kent shared the following about his Run 31: “As a firefighter I have worked alongside KSS at various emergencies over the years. Either being on the side of a country road or in the middle of a busy town, when you hear the rotors of the helicopter getting closer, you feel a sense of relief that the life you’re helping will be in the best possible hands.”

As if 31 miles wasn’t challenging enough, James, along with dog Lola ran an impressive three miles per day throughout March, clocking up an amazing 93 miles in total!

Gabriella Pink from West Sussex was unable to run but was determined that this wouldn’t stop her from taking part in a fitness fundraiser for KSS. She set herself the ambitious challenge of walking 331 miles around the local countryside in March, accompanied by her four-legged friends Nala and Olive.

We asked Gabriella “Why us?” and she told us: “Living in a rural location, I know only too well the value of the air ambulance. I have seen first-hand how the knowledge and expertise of the service can save a person’s life. A close friend had a serious farming accident whereby he became trapped in a piece of farm machinery. KSS attended and, alongside other emergency services, they were able to free him and fly him to London for life-saving surgery. Thanks to the team’s efforts that day, he is here to tell the story, albeit minus a leg! The service KSS provide, especially to the farming community, is invaluable and I know that, without them, I would not have that friend today.”

And finally, a word from Lynne Harris, our Executive Director of Income Generation, Marketing and Communications: “The past year has been incredibly challenging for KSS, particularly in terms of how we’ve been able to fundraise. We’ve had to come up with innovative, fun ways to encourage people of all ages to support us, in a Covid-safe way, which is why we launched Run 31 and Squat 3100. We’ve been completely overwhelmed by the number of people who’ve signed up and supported us, and I’d like to send my thanks and appreciation to each and every one of you. Your support means we’re able to continue delivering world-class pre-hospital emergency care for the sickest and most critically injured patients across our regions – thank you.”

Gabriella walked 331 miles accompanied by her four-legged friends Nala and Olive

Gabriella walked 331 miles accompanied by her four-legged friends Nala and Olive

Jo took on both Run 31 and Squat 3100 in March
James, along with dog Lola ran an impressive three miles per day throughout March

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