KSS Ride T&Cs

This page outlines the terms and conditions for Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex KSS Ride

These terms and conditions include vital information about your participation in KSS Ride and by signing up to our event, you agree to the following:


  1. Entries are non-refundable.
  2. Your sign up to KSS Ride can be transferred to another rider, please contact
    events@aakss.org.uk to make this request.
  3. KSS will use the email address and contact details you supply when you sign up to KSS Ride to send you information about this event.
  4. Any personal items left in vehicles in the car park are done so at the owner’s risk. KSS and Bilsington Priory accept no responsibility for any damage, loss, or theft.
  5. First aid provision will be in place on the day of the event, but riders take part at their own risk and understand there are areas of the route that are remote which may delay
    emergency help.
  6. We recommend there is no lone riding.
  7. No smoking or vaping is allowed anywhere on the event site and car park
  8. All litter and waste must be disposed of using the available disposal facilities or taken away with you. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.
  9. Dogs are allowed to attend KSS Ride, but must not be left in rider cars. They must be kept on a lead and are only allowed in the parking area.


  1. KSS Ride is a walk and trot event. Cantering is allowed, only in the designated areas. We strongly encourage you not to gallop or jump any obstacles.
  2. We’ve allocated two afternoon sessions for riders wishing to walk and trot ONLY. Morning sessions are open to all, but please be aware cantering is allowed in designated areas which will be signposted. Please select your preference.
  3. KSS recommend wearing a hi vis when riding.
  4. Please report to the organisers on arrival and departure and follow the instructions of
    marshals, signposts, and other officials.
  5. All riders must have previous experience of the horse they bring to KSS Ride.
  6. Always ride with courtesy, care, and consideration to fellow users of the route including walkers and other equestrian users.
  7. Ride slowly past other horses and riders.
  8. Do not stray from the planned route which is signposted.
  9. Ensure the Highway Code is always adhered to when riding on the road.
  10. If you return before finishing the ride, for whatever reason, please inform the Event Manager and return your ride number.
  11. Riders under 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult, also riding, or leading for the duration of the event.
  12. Riding helmets/hats that meet current standards must be worn and always secured when mounted. Please check that your hat meets current standards before the event –
    www.bhs.org.uk/headwear. Body Protectors are strongly recommended and should also comply with current standards – www.bhs.org.uk/bodyprotectors.
  13. All riders must wear suitable riding footwear.
  14. Riders are recommended to carry a mobile phone with the KSS emergency contact number.
  15. Riders should wear their number so that it is visible to event stewards.

Your Horse

  1. No stallions are allowed to enter this event.
  2. Each rider must display the right ribbon on their horse’s tail to indicate their temperament.
  3. All horses must be over the age of four years and of appropriate health and fitness level for the activity being undertaken – hooves and shoes must be in good condition.
  4. Tack must be in safe condition and be fit correctly.
  5. All horses must be up to date with equine influenza vaccinations.
  6. KSS strongly recommends horses are not left unattended at any time.
  7. Water troughs will be unavailable at the event, participants are encouraged to bring along their own water supplies for their horse.
  8. The horse’s passport and a current valid annual vaccination certificate must be available for spot checks at the event and these may be checked by the organiser. Please note: all passports must still travel with a horse as a legal requirement.


  1. Sponsorship money should be transferred to KSS within 8 weeks of KSS Ride.
  2. Sponsorship forms should be returned to KSS to enable gift aid to be claimed.
  3. Further guidance and top tips on fundraising can be found in our fundraising guide:
    Top Fundraising Tips

Event Cancellation/Postponement

  1. If you miss your given start time, every effort will be made to re-schedule but please note that this may not be possible. You will not be entitled to a refund should you arrive after your start time.
  2. If KSS Ride needs to be cancelled or postponed, KSS will communicate a rescheduled date as soon as possible. If this is not possible, a full refund will be offered.
  3. Please check our website, social media and your email for any updates associated with thisevent.
  4. KSS cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage sustained because of the event
    cancellation or changes to the event; this includes, and is not limited to, accommodation or travel cost.


KSS can reserve the right to refuse entry to a ticketholder who may be:
– behaving in an anti-social or threatening manner;
– carrying any prohibited items;
– under the influence of drugs or alcohol (or appear to be)
– under the minimum age of entry or failed to produce valid ID to prove their age
– using an invalid or counterfeit email confirmation


All participants taking part in KSS Ride do so at their own risk. Bilsington Priory and KSS will not be held liable for any accidents, injuries, loss or illness to horse, rider, spectator, or property whilst at this event.
If you have any questions about KSS Ride, please contact the KSS Events Team on
events@aakss.org.uk or 01634 471900.

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