Kelly goes to new heights to fundraise for our life-saving charity

Supporter Kelly Charlton has just returned home after successfully trekking to the world-famous Machu Picchu ruins in South America in an incredible effort to raise £2,500 for our life-saving charity.  

Kelly, a registered Veterinary Nurse, wanted to take on the exciting challenge as part of her fortieth birthday celebrations. 

During the four-day trek along the Inca Trail she covered 40km and climbed to an altitude of 4,215 meters (13,829 feet), camping out in near-freezing temperatures. Although Kelly suffered from some of the effects of altitude sickness along the way, she successfully made it to Machu Picchu. 

Kelly said: “Along the way I started to feel the effects of altitude sickness.  But the support team noticed quickly, gave me some oxygen and stayed by my side for the rest of the trek. When we reached Machu Picchu the views were absolutely breath-takingly beautiful and I am so glad that I did it.” 

She continued: “I wanted to support KSS as it’s a vital frontline service and none of us know when we might need it. Machu Picchu has been on my `bucket list’ for many years and with my fortieth birthday approaching I decided now was the time! And, if you are doing something like this, why not do it for such a important lifesaving charity that relies on public support. ” 

Lola Inge, our Running and Challenge Manager, said: “It’s fantastic to hear that Kelly safely completed this amazing challenge. As well as collecting some very special memories, she has the satisfaction of knowing that her efforts are supporting our life-saving work. 

“Without the support of people like Kelly, we can’t keep flying and saving lives. If anyone is inspired by Kelly to set a challenge for themselves and raise money for KSS, you can find plenty of inspiring challenges and events on our website.”  

To support Kelly’s fundraising, please visit her JustGiving page

KSS supporter Kelly Charlton successfully trekked to Machu Picchu
Kelly at the end of her trek to Machu Picchu
KSS supporter Kelly Charlton during her trek to Machu Picchu
Kelly enjoyed some spectacular views along the way
KSS supporter Kelly Charlton reaching Machu Picchu
Kelly was delighted to successfully complete the challenging trek along the Inca Trail

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