Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024

We’re delighted to be celebrating the amazing contribution of women across Team KSS. 

On International Women’s Day, Friday 8 March, we’ll be sharing a video which highlights the role that women have played at KSS. The video features women across Team KSS talking about their roles and how they came to work for a lifesaving charity. Groups interested in getting a copy of the full video can do so by visiting aakss.org.uk/international-womens-day 

Our charity was founded 35 years ago by the remarkable Kate Chivers, and today women continue to play a vital role across the charity. From specialist doctors and highly skilled paramedics to dispatchers, operational support staff to trustees, fundraisers, marketers to finance experts – all amazing women who help deliver a lifesaving service for Kent, Surrey and Sussex, reaching people when they need us most.   

Kate believes there should be no limits on women: “I never recognised the fact that I was a woman. They talk about the ‘glass ceiling’ but a woman can achieve as much as a man. I don’t say they are better than men. There’s no such thing as a ‘glass ceiling’, or there shouldn’t be.”  

Kate is modest about her role in founding an organisation that has touched so many lives: “I’m astonished but it’s not something I dwell on. I always feel proud when I see them flying over. What does make me proud is when one of my grandchildren says they’re proud of me. One of my granddaughters said that she had described me as an inspiration when she was applying to university. What a lovely thing”. 

So what does International Women’s Day mean to some of the women of KSS who are carrying her legacy forward? 

Kelly Heaton-Ralph, Executive Director of Fundraising and Philanthropy: “For me it’s a really important time to think about the outstanding contributions of the women within our charity. Their resilience, compassion and dedication have been instrumental in driving positive changes to help us continually aspire for excellence.   

“As we celebrate the achievements of our female colleagues, we’re not only recognising their remarkable work but also inspiring others to support us in delivering on our purpose of saving lives and ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients.”    

Dr Fionna Moore, Medical Advisor: “I think it’s important to realise that women have such potential, and that hasn’t always been recognised in the past. We are now seeing people coming through that are looking to realise that potential and that is phenomenal and something we should be celebrating.” 

Caroline Cox, HEMS Paramedic: “It’s important to highlight that in jobs like mine and in lots of other jobs, there is still not enough female representation for girls and younger women to look up to. It’s about highlighting that those opportunities are there, and you can do it.” 

Steph Roy, Lotteries and Gaming Coordinator: “I think it’s important to acknowledge that we as women have only had the vote for just over a hundred years. It sounds like a long time, but it really isn’t. We need to acknowledge how far we have come and how far we still have to go. We need to make more space for women in the workplace and keep having these conversations. We should never take what we have for granted.” 

Leonieke Vlaanderen, HEMS Doctor: “I wish we didn’t need to have an International Women’s Day, but I think that it is brilliant that we do because women need to know what they can do, whatever country they are in, whatever job they want to do.”  

Groups who would like to fundraise for KSS and receive a copy of the charity’s International Women’s Day video can sign up on our website

A female paramedic and a female doctor standing in front of the air ambulance helicopter.
Female paramedics and doctors are a vital part of Team KSS

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