Good luck to all our London Marathon runners!

Everyone at Team KSS would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all the amazing supporters taking on the London Marathon this coming weekend to raise funds for our life-saving charity.

For some, like Holly Copley from Ashford, Kent, it’s their first time running a marathon.

Holly says: “Signing up for the marathon has been the most challenging but worthwhile decision I have made this year. I never imagined that one day, this week, I would be able to run 26.2 miles.

“As a paramedic I have been fortunate enough to see first had the invaluable difference charities like KSS make and I am so grateful to be able to contribute to this. I am running with them in mind and all the people who have donated and gone out of their way to support me. It has been an incredible journey and one I am so thankful I signed up for.”

Lewis Reeve is also a first-time marathon runner. He says: “I’m running my first marathon having run for most of my life and what a marathon to start with. I got in through the ballot but decided to raise some money for the KSS Air Ambulance as they’ve been there a couple of times for family members in need.”

Runner Elliot Upton, who has run four marathons, has been supporting us since we cared for the husband of a close friend.

Elliot says: “I was amazed to find that it’s all down to donations to keep the service going. I think it’s such an amazing service that saves so many lives every year and it’s such a shame that more people aren’t aware of the work that they do.

“I will continue to raise funds to what is a cause close to my heart. This is my fifth marathon now and the second time I’ve run the London Marathon. So even though I’ve done it before it’s something I’m still looking forward too as it was such an amazing rush last time.”

While thousands will be running through the streets of London, others like Steve Wolfe will be taking on the Virtual London Marathon by running 26.2 miles elsewhere at the same time.

Steve, from Newington, Kent is running what he describes as ‘the world’s worst marathon’ on Sunday. He’s planning on completing the distance of the London Marathon (42.195k) by running 63 laps of a 670m circuit around a development where he lives.

He says: “Running small circuits around the same area is going to be incredibly dull and will be very tough – but I like to make challenges which are hard for myself! In fact, I’m enthused by how mentally challenging it’s going to be!”

Steve’s run forms part of a larger `Run the World’ challenge – which he believes will be a world first.

Six years ago he challenged himself to run the distance around the world (40,075km) within 5,000 days, without a day off. So far, he has clocked up over 18,000km

Lola Inge, our Running and Challenge Manager, said: “We know that taking on the iconic London Marathon can be a once in a lifetime challenge for supporters, so we are incredibly grateful to those who have chosen to run it on our behalf, whether through the streets of London or in their own areas.

“With 87% of our income raised through the generosity of our supporters, we rely on our amazing supporters such as Elliot, Holly, Steve and all those taking on the London Marathon this weekend, or fundraising for us in a different way. Everyone at Team KSS will be thinking about them and cheering them every step of the way”.

If you’d like to show your support for one of our runners, please visit their fundraising pages:

Holly Copley

Lewis Reeve

Elliot Upton

Steve Wolfe

Lewis Reeve

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