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We have a variety of roles at KSS, take a look at what we offer.

Collection boxes remain a crucial weapon in our fundraising armoury.

Not only do they provide a constant flow of donations to our charity, they also give us a visible presence thanks to all the many premises across the region who display them so prominently.

As a collection box agent, you will be responsible for managing all the boxes within a specific area. The key tasks are to empty the boxes, bank the money and send us all the details, while ensuring the boxes are maintained in a good condition.

Last year, our collection boxes brought in over £200,000 – that loose change really does add up! We would love it if you could help us raise even more.

We’ll give you full training and equip you with all the materials you need.

Standing proud in their KSS outfits, our volunteer stewards are the face of our charity at events across the region.

You, too, could represent us in this way as one of our volunteers, giving you a chance to reach out and tell our story to the community we are so proud to serve.

If that sounds like you, and you would you like to attend shows, exhibitions and events to raise money and awareness of our work, then apply to be one of our event stewards today.

Could you help us carry out the valuable task of collecting donations?

Working with other volunteers, store collection is about having fun and encouraging people to give what they can.

You will be raising both awareness and money for our charity, and you’ll receive our grateful thanks for your time and effort!

We’ll give you full training and equip you with everything you need.

Take your chance to join the KSS Cheer Squad!

Challenge events are an important part of our fundraising efforts, and every year we have an army of fantastic supporters who are willing to get out of their comfort zone to raise money for our charity.

The biggest event in our calendar is the Brighton Marathon but there are many other events that take place across the region, and we want to be right there for our supporters, cheering them along and helping make it a truly memorable experience.

That’s where you come in!

We need as many volunteers as possible to dial the noise levels right up, giving maximum encouragement to our runners and cyclists at the points where they’re digging deep and looking for moral support. All that shouting really makes a difference!

What’s more, it’s always a great day out as you get to be right in the thick of the action at some brilliant events – an uplifting day all round!

As a charity, the vital frontline service we provide in medical emergencies is only possible because of the donations and funds we receive from our supporters.

And it’s entirely thanks to the efforts of our hard-working back-office team that our fundraising operations run so smoothly.

Whether it’s lottery sign-ups or one-off donations, our office volunteers are there to help during peak times, answering telephone calls, opening mail and ensuring our data and systems are up-to-date.

Lend your support by joining us in our friendly office. Not only will you get a wonderful sense of achievement but you can also be safe in the knowledge that your efforts are helping keep our air ambulance service flying high.

Raffles are a winning way to help us as a fundraising volunteer.

We run several raffles throughout the year and each one gives people a chance to scoop cash prizes at the same time as they are giving to our important cause.

Raffle ticket sales representatives are the heroes who attend events and shopping centres across the region to sell tickets to our potential prize winners.

Working alongside our charity staff, you will enjoy meeting a wide range of people while helping our charity with this important way of raising funds.

The more people we can reach with our message, the more funds we can raise to support our air ambulance service and enhance the care we give to patients in their time of need.

For us, opportunities to speak are incredibly valuable – they are a really powerful way of getting our story across and people are always interested to listen, whether at a school, group meeting or business function.

For our speakers, it’s such a fulfilling thing to do. And while there is definitely a sense of achievement in helping a good cause, the real reward is the reaction in people’s faces when they get an understanding of what our work entails.

So, if you’re a confident speaker and have time you can spare, help us deliver our presentation as a volunteer speaker. We’ll give you full training and equip you with all the materials you need.

Saying thank you is something that’s important to us.

And it’s even better when we get to tell one of our supporters face-to-face.

As a KSS volunteer representative, you play a key part in helping us get out and about to thank all of the people who support us across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

It’s the perfect role for anyone who likes meeting new people and is comfortable standing up and saying a few words about our work. It’s then your responsibility to accept donations, paying in any cash or mailing cheques to us after the event.

We’ll give you full training and ensure you’re equipped you with all the materials you need.

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