Thank you for signing up to Cuppa for your Crew

Thank you for signing up to Cuppa for your Crew, your cuppa will help us to save lives!

Your fundraising pack will be with you in a few weeks but until then you can use our digital resources below. If you want to speak to our team please call 01634 471 900 or email

Cuppa for Your Crew Table with cake and donation box

Cut out invitations

Planning on a big event? These invitations may be useful if you have a larger guest list!


Spread the word of your Cuppa for your Crew with some posters!


Want to invite someone special? You can use these to send out invitations to your guests!


You can make your coffee morning more colourful with bunting!

Cake Flags

Get creative with your baking and decorate with cake flags!

Sprinkles Game

A great way to get people involved and fundraising is through games! Use this to instil some healthy competition into your event!

Recipe Cards

Enjoy some flavoursome helicopter themed recipes.

Saving lives when every second counts

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