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When you think of charity donations, collection boxes are often the first image that springs to mind, and with good reason. Collection boxes are a simple but effective tool that allows us to get out in the community, raise awareness of our charity and secure much-needed funds to support our service.

We have over 2,700 collection boxes placed in businesses, cafes, shops, garages, pubs and clubs across Kent, Surrey and Sussex. The loose change we collect from these boxes really does add up. In total, collection boxes can generate around £100,000 annually in income for our charity

We are always looking for new locations to house our boxes and it’s a really easy, simple way to support us. It shows your customers you care about the community and a local charity and requires very little effort – we will do all the work!

When the box is full, just give us a call and one of our volunteers will empty the box and keep it looking clean and fresh.

Claiming your collection box is simple.

Just register with us using the form below and we will send you a welcome pack with all the details you need.

Read the terms and conditions below and if you are in agreement with them, register with us using the form at the foot of this webpage and we will send you a welcome pack with all the details you need’.

Collection Box T&C's

Thank you for agreeing to keep one of our collection boxes within your premises. Your support is as critical as our care.

There are different regulations applied to different types of collections so we ask that this box is only used for the purpose of collecting cash donations within your premises.  If you were considering any further fundraising initiatives we would be delighted to hear from you.

We have included some key terms and conditions for your consideration. 

  • Please do not tamper with the box or break the seal. Please contact us if you suspect the seal has been broken.
  • Ensure that the collection box is placed in a suitable location, clearly visible to the public and secured with a chain wherever possible.
  • All our volunteers will carry ID badges with a photo and their name.  Ensure you have seen proof of ID from our volunteers before handing the box over. 
  • Immediately report any theft or suspicion of theft to us.
  • Unless your premises has a secure and safe space for counting, our volunteers will not open the box(s) and instead the money will be counted off site, under dual control where possible and you will be issued a receipt confirming the money has been collected and the amount will be confirmed.
  • If the box becomes worn please let us know and we can issue a new one.
  • If you no longer wish to house the box please let us know and we will arrange for this to be collected.
  • Please ensure all contact details are up to date and inform us if ownership changes so we are able to discuss terms and conditions with new owners.

Thank you again for your ongoing support

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Pennies Scheme

Pennies is an award-winning fintech charity making giving accessible, affordable and feel-good. Small change could have a big purpose if you are a retailer and are able to support us through this scheme.

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