Our `Future Directions in HEMS’ conference drives improvements in patient care

More than 160 specialists in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) attended our world-leading `Future Directions in HEMS’ conference, which took place on Thursday 13 June at Holiday Inn, Gatwick, attracting renowned UK and international speakers. 

The successful event was focussed on bringing together the PHEM community to collaborate and innovate, to share knowledge and learn from one another, so that future tangible improvements in patient care could be achieved globally as a result of the day. 

The conference sessions examined critical topics affecting pre-hospital emergency medicine: 

  • PHEM research – a look at the groundbreaking studies and advancements shaping the future of air ambulance operations. 
  • Managing fatigue and crew welfare – how to create and build teams that perform well under pressure, and strategies to enhance crew welfare and ensure optimal performance. 
  • Technical advances – an exploration of how HEMS can increase our reach to patients and learnings from other complex industries. 
  • The future of endovascular interventions – the cutting-edge technologies and techniques reshaping medical interventions in emergency situations.  

Renowned speakers on the day included: 

  • Leigh Curtis MBE, Executive Director of Service Delivery, KSS 
  • Dr. Duncan Bootland, Executive Medical Director, KSS 
  • Dr. Kat Hunter, HEMS Doctor, KSS 
  • Prof. Hans Morten Lossius, R&D Advisor to the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation 
  • Jo Griggs, Research Lead and HEMS Paramedic, KSS 
  • Dr. Leif Rognas, Base Clinical Lead, Danish Air Ambulance 
  • Dr. Malcolm Q Russell MBE, Medical Director UK ISAR, HEMS Doctor, KSS 
  • Prof. Mark Wilson, Medical Director, GoodSAM, HEMS Doctor, KSS 
  • Prof. Kevin Fong OBE, Professor of Public Engagement and Innovation, STEaPP, UCL, HEMS Doctor, KSS 
  • Dr. Adam Baker and Dr. Charlie Fleury, Emergensea Duo 
  • James Kingdon, Head of Design Organisation, Gama Aviation 
  • Dr. Ben Singer, Barts Heart Centre and London’s Air Ambulance 
  • Caroline Rose, HEMS Paramedic, KSS 
  • Dr Rik Thomas, MedicOne 
  • Dr Zane Perkins, Royal London Hospital and London’s Air Ambulance 
  • Dr Rob Greenhalgh, Consultant in Pre-Hospital Care, London’s Air Ambulance and HEMS Doctor KSS 

Professor Richard Lyon MBE, Director of Research and Innovation at KSS, said: “It was fantastic to bring so many expert clinical colleagues from across the air ambulance community together for what was a day of extraordinary collaboration, learning and innovation. 

“We covered incredibly important topics such as the focus of PHEM research in the coming years, managing fatigue and crew welfare, new technologies in HEMS and the future of endovascular interventions, which will undoubtedly help us all to collectively save even more lives into the future.  

“The event provided a valuable opportunity for clinicians working in pre-hospital care to elevate their expertise and share ideas with like-minded individuals. It was great to welcome colleagues from across the pre-hospital care, aviation and air ambulance communities.”

Mark Smith, Managing Director, Special Mission at Gama Aviation commented: “It has been a pleasure to work with KSS to support this conference.  The attendance and subject matter were excellent.  In pre-hospital care it is vital that we use forums such as these to share innovation, best practice, and operational benchmarks so that we continue, as a community, to raise standards and improve the care given to the people and communities that we serve.  We look forward to supporting the team again next year.” 

Other sponsors of the event were Ortus Group, B Braun, Medic One, Getinge, GE Healthcare and Radar Healthcare with additional support from Key Survival Equipment. 

David Welch, Chief Executive of KSS said: “It has been fantastic to see so many clinicians with a shared commitment to excellence in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine come together to push the boundaries of what we can achieve together. 

“We’re passionate at KSS about sharing experience, learnings, and knowledge as widely as possible. We aim not only to improve the care of our patients but also to enhance pre-hospital care globally. I’m sure that through the collective efforts of everyone who attended this event, we will have helped improve patient care, locally, nationally and internationally.” 

Prof. Richard Lyon MBE of KSS was one of the renowned speakers
Prof. Richard Lyon MBE of KSS was one of the renowned speakers

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