Crisp packet recycling scheme raises £26K for KSS

We’ve been extremely fortunate to have benefitted from the UK’s largest crisp packet recycling scheme, run through recycling company TerraCycle®.

It first launched in December 2018 and since then thousands of supporters across Kent, Surrey, East and West Sussex have recycled their crisp packets, turning more than 3.5M empty packets into over £26K of donations for KSS.

But it was recently announced that the national scheme would be coming to a close on 25th April 2022. You can find out more about the announcement from TerraCycle® here.

What that means for you, if you regularly recycle your packets for KSS:

Please make sure your empty packets are passed to our volunteer coordinators by 15th April 2022. Please contact them through their Facebook group* to make suitable arrangements.

Our volunteer coordinators will get back to you and advise you of the next steps as soon as they can. Please do remember that this will be an incredibly busy time for our volunteers, who selflessly give their time to help support us – thanks very much for your understanding and patience.

Before you drop your packets off please make sure they’re packed together as tightly as possible, as shown in the image.

Please note that we aren’t able to collect the packets at our Rochester or Redhill offices.

Thank you, to everyone who has supported us through this scheme

“We are so immensely thankful to each and every supporter who has recycled their crisp packets during the past three years to support KSS. Together you have raised more than £26K for our charity, as well as keeping tonnes of waste out of landfill. That money has helped to ensure we continue delivering life-saving, critical care to those in urgent medical need across our regions.

We also send our heartfelt thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers who have made our involvement in this scheme possible”, Nick Turrell, our Head of Community Fundraising.

*Please email our volunteer, Adam Hunter, on if you don’t have access to Facebook.

More than 3.3M empty packets have been recycled to support KSS
More than 3.3M empty packets have been recycled to support KSS
Please make sure the bags are packed together as tightly as possible

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