Caring during Coronavirus

Each one of us is facing a battle in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic. The disease is indiscriminate with the potential to affect every individual and family in a range of significant and differing ways. Although we are all facing a battle, the way in which we are equipped and prepared to deal with the societal shift caused by the Coronavirus pandemic impacts on how difficult this personal battle is.

Put simply, although we are all facing the same storm, we are not in fact all in the same boat.

The inequality gap is widening, mental health issues are being exacerbated by this pandemic and those living in isolation and loneliness are feeling it even more significantly. What we have in terms of resources, a support system and inner resilience is helping to dictate the scale of the challenge we face living through this crisis. For some, it is a time of reflection and reconnection with their family, but for others this pandemic has brought financial, emotional and family turmoil. As ever, we are mindful of the committed and inspirational healthcare staff and key workers who are facing the battle on the frontline and do not have the option of battening down the hatches and staying safe within the comfort of their own homes.

So how do we come together as a society to support and protect each other?

We all need to show just how much we care for others in ways that we haven’t always done before. We need to show empathy and compassion for those who are facing a much more difficult journey than our own. We need to act and do what we can to help build a support network and system for those who are facing this alone and who are vulnerable or isolated. We must share kind words and thoughts and offer time and support for those experiencing fear and anxiety.

This is not a short term challenge. The world has shifted irrevocably. Our lives will never be the same again, and they shouldn’t be. We should continue to learn the valuable lessons from this crisis. We should learn that amid the fear, there is also community, support and hope. We should learn that we don’t know what individual battles others are fighting, and so we should react with empathy and compassion.

Reflecting on the importance of philanthropy and charity in responding to societal challenge, we need to collaborate within our sector, pull expertise, resources and energy, and collaborate to ensure that we can support the most vulnerable and those facing insurmountable challenge. We must fully understand that in the charity sector, we have a privileged and powerful role to play. Caring for others is the essence of what we do. Now is the time to care more, care better, care stronger and care together.

Let’s all be part of the solution.


David Welch, CEO of KSS
Our Chief Executive David Welch

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