Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex welcomes government funding

Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS) has welcomed the announcement of £6m Government funding to support the life-saving work of the UK’s Air Ambulance charities. They play a vital role in the frontline response to Coronavirus, whilst also continuing with the life-saving missions in the communities they serve across the UK.

The £6m will be split across 21 Air Ambulance services nationwide. It comes as part of £22 million which is being awarded to health and care charities to allow them to continue providing vital support to their communities during the pandemic. It is yet to be confirmed how much KSS will receive.

David Welch, Chief Executive of KSS and Board member of Air Ambulance UK commented: “We welcome the news that the Government has awarded some funding to the charity sector including £6 million to the Air Ambulance community for our 21 Air Ambulance services across the UK. This is a strong endorsement of the invaluable role that we play in supporting our healthcare services at this challenging time.

Whilst this additional funding is very much appreciated, we are facing an unprecedented challenge with increased costs of operating safely during the pandemic and a significant shortfall in our fundraising income, largely due to the cancellation of fundraising events. We launched our Coronavirus Emergency Appeal because we anticipated a shortfall of £2.9 million in our fundraising income as well as an increase in costs associated with operating a safe service during the Pandemic.

It costs over £14m to sustain the KSS service each year, of which 89% is raised by public donation and fundraising. We are still very reliant on the generosity of residents, community groups and businesses in Kent Surrey and Sussex in order to sustain our service – and we are very grateful for all support.”

Click here if you’d like to donate to the KSS Coronavirus Emergency Appeal.

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