Hear from Team KSS

Gary Taylor, Pilot“KSS is renowned for its professionalism and team of highly trained doctors and paramedics who are at the pinnacle of their career. Who would not want to work with such a dedicated team? It’s such a positive place to work. KSS provides an amazing service to the public, only made possible by everyone working together as a team.”

Charlotte Price, Head of Supporter Engagement“I’m really proud to tell people that I work for KSS and to talk to them about the amazing work we do. One minute we can be connecting someone who rings wanting to make a large donation with the right person to steward them and the next moment you can be comforting someone who has sadly lost someone and who kindly wants to make a donation in their memory.”

Harriet Tucker, Doctor: “KSS is a hugely supportive, friendly, unassuming team that is constantly striving to improve the care we bring to patients. This extends to the non-clinical teams as well – everyone has one aim – to support our charity to do the best we can for our patients.”

Rebecca Kenny, Head of Governance and Compliance: “It’s a pleasure to work for KSS; I’m surrounded by people who are passionate about the purpose of our charity. Everyone within Team KSS makes you feel incredibly welcome, no matter your role. We work together to deliver the very best service and I’m very proud of the role I play in helping to make sure everything we do is safe, effective and in line with regulation and best practice.”

Tom Mikrut, Paramedic: “I feel like I have learnt plenty of things that compliment my normal job as a Critical Care Paramedic and the fact that KSS is a charity is really special. Working here is a way of giving back to the people that donate to us. I’m always conscious that we wouldn’t be here without all those people who donate money and their time to supporting us.”

Lottie Ticehurst, Dispatcher“The role of a dispatcher can be as stressful and busy, with a large amount of responsibility on our shoulders. Saying that, I absolutely love my job, and when everything clicks into place and a job runs smoothly with everything the crews need, it’s a fantastic feeling.”

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