Thank you to everyone who took on 100 Miles in July 

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all of our fantastic supporters who took on our 100 Miles in July challenge to raise money for our life-saving charity. 

A total of £5K was raised by participants who covered their 100 miles in all sorts of ways, including foot, bike, and horseback. 

Sharni Copham tackled the challenge on roller skates, covering 113 miles around Ashford and Hythe. 

Lola Inge, our Running and Challenge Manager said:

“When we launched 100 Miles in July we were confident that our amazing supporters would get behind it with some brilliant ways of completing their miles but we didn’t expect anyone to tackle the challenge on roller skates!” 

Sharni was inspired to take part in  `100 miles in July’ fundraiser after learning that we depend on public support to carry out our life-saving work:

“KSS is a charity, mainly funded by donations from the public it serves and that to me is a worthwhile cause. It’s something my family or I could need at any moment. 

“The idea of 100 miles in July was to do the miles in any way you could imagine, so as I had recently got back into roller-skating I decided that was the way I wanted to do it.” 

Sharni skated around new housing estates in Ashford as they tend to have nice smooth paths, but also went on the seafront at Hythe and roller discos around Kent.  Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends and sometimes accompanied by her son on his skateboard:

“I started skating in May 2023 as a way to get back outside after breaking a bone in my foot in February. This meant I couldn’t run – I’m still struggling to run now – which was no fun as I belong to Ashford Striders running club and do the Ashford Parkrun every weekend.

After 100 miles in July, I may try out inline skates as I’ve never had a go on those. I would like to keep going and raise more for KSS, they are a hugely beneficial service for the southeast and the costs for keeping it going are quite staggering. I will do what I can to raise money for them as you never know when you or a family member or friend will need them” 

Lola Inge added:

“What Sharni has done is incredible, and we are so grateful for her support. As a charity we depend on the support of the communities we serve and all the people such as Sharni and everyone who raises money for us.” 

If you’d like to challenge yourself whilst raising funds for us, visit our Challenge Events page.

Sharni Copham roller skating 100 Miles in July
Sharni Copham roller skating 100 Miles in July
Sharni Copham roller skating 100 Miles in July
Sharni is now looking for her next challenge on skates

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